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A house in a garden, and a Savusauna inside

It is easier to get in shape and find the balance between body and mind if you are in a place where the horizon gives a light blue perspective and turns into a perfect encounter between the heavenly sky and the deep blue colour of Lake Garda.
We want to offer you a new idea of outdoor wellbeing where a person meets with the nature. Our "Savusauna Starpool" in its typical black shade is located in the middle of the garden and awaits your arrival.
You will experience dry and intense heat followed by the most authentic cold. Stay outdoors in winter or cool off under a cold shower in summer.

And to sum up our proposals for relaxation we suggest you lie in the pool looking at the sunset or chill on an ergonomic chaise longue framed by the green hills overlooking Bardolino.


A room with
wellness inside

You can relax in intimacy thanks to our absolute hero a panoramic sauna made of fir. Its characteristic white veiled colour and an intensive scent of resin will accompany your bath taking with soft lighting and music therapy for an introspective journey either on your own or during precious moments spent in a company.

San Colombano Suite is an estate that consists of five luxury apartments immersed in the greenery of the hills of Bardolino, Lake Garda. Each apartment has an independent entrance and is adorned with olive gardens at the front and backside.

Contact with us

San Colombano Suite

località Corone, 7

37011 Bardolino (VR)

Tel: (+39) 389 465 1874
Tel: (+39) 347 716 8667