Sancolombano Suite


<i>Alessandro & Thais.  </i>
“We look back and see the Zoccatelli family's countryside: an area that represents our roots and a seventy-year history of hospitality, and passion. We have made many journeys, which have stimulated, inspired, and contributed to the creation of what is now San Colombano Suite, thanks also to the professionalism and sensitivity of architect Lino Rama. Now we look to the future knowing that we have created a special place and a special project, where the history of this terroir is enriched by our experiences around the world, by our sensitivity to the environment, by our attention to every detail, by spaces designed to be in harmony with nature. People who have taken care of these places before us would be proud.”

Alessandro & Thais.

Seeing is believing.

We invite you to experience our oasis. But before that, we invite you to discover our spaces, our services, our world through the video we have made. A short preview to introduce you to San Colombano Suite while waiting to welcome you.

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